A few thoughts on a scary future

On the excuse that it is still January I thought I would outline my thoughts on how the near future will unfold. Unfortunately I don’t think it will be too nice in the short term! I think there are entities around the world who are aiming towards a world government, where a chosen elite group of globalists hope to enslave the rest of us under what they openly call the New World Order.

They want to rule the world like all those power crazed people before them, and they will prepare the ground by winning over the hearts and minds of the general public to want a world government, or at least to get used to doing what governments tell them to do in a very obedient fashion. This then is just a few guesses on how they hope to further this agenda in the next few years.

Current Covid/Vaccine scenario

The vaccine is still being out rolled further and deeper through the younger age groups, causing terrible ill health as it does. While not trying to be disparaging of people, I think that anybody who continues to take these vaccines knowing what we all should know by now – see for example Dr Robert Malone’s interview on the Joe Rogan show as an example of some of the facts out there – is criminally irresponsible with their own health.1

In the near enough future all this will be exposed its my guess, and I think the vaccines will be withdrawn in due course. It will be exposed because they couldn’t keep a global health disaster on that scale covered up forever, and because the powers that be will be delighted, in the long run, to expose it. Why? Because it will gigantically discredit the governments and establishments of the nation states of the world, which will weaken their ability to govern and thereby allow international and supranational institutions to take further control, which is the whole idea in the long run.

Limited nuclear war

But maybe that’s not all that the short/medium term future holds. One scary, but long predicted event, could be a limited future war which, maybe just indirectly, could involve many of the peoples of the world, and nuclear weapons. So a limited nuclear exchange between such as Israel and Iran is always possible, or at least a threatened one of Russia v EU/US over Ukraine. I am not saying we will all be annihilated in a nuclear holocaust, I am just predicting the use of one or two nuclear devices.

If a nuclear bomb does go off, maybe two or three things at least will happen:

a) It could create the type of panic that the powers that be love in order to drive through their agenda, as we have seen with Covid. In other words an element of this could be nothing to do with nuclear weapons as such, just panic and chaos for its own sake, because its obvious now that you can get the population to do anything for you if you can generate enough such fear and a nuclear bomb could be just the ticket for that.

b) It would greatly energise the concept of weapons of mass destruction as an excuse to destroy the territorial integrity of nation states. This is an overused concept post Iraq but if a bomb really did go off then it could provide a great excuse to enter and destroy countries not kowtowing to the NWO agenda.

c) It could serve as a pretext for the next two possible events listed here: the cyber warfare scare could be kicked off by blaming the nuclear blast for the temporary destruction of internet networks, i.e. the electromagnetic pulse effect of nuclear explosions; or, in much the same way, it could serve as a cover for a global financial collapse. Or indeed they could just use the excuse of heightened tension with Russia, for example, as the reason for a cyber attack, blaming that countries advanced electronic warfare capabilities.

Global cyber attack

A global cyber attack which will then justify a police state atmosphere on the net. Hence you cannot use some ordinary website, only big tech like facebook, twitter, youtube, microsoft, google etc, because, you will be told, they have the systems to defend against an attack and all the rest are unsafe etc etc. Maybe in the long run it will end up like vaccines and you will need some kind of digital pass to work on the net at all, again something easily available for those working for big companies, the state, universities etc, but maybe not so for those working or researching independently. A related question is what happens to peoples deposits in banks, will it be difficult to get access to your money in this scenario?

Worldwide currency crash

Again a long predicted financial crash, a sovereign debt crisis which will usher in the staged collapse of currencies, ending with the dollar probably but leading in any case to a global digital currency. Of course the organisation that will control said currency will have gigantic power to control states and peoples, in practice it would form the financial arm of a world government.

There are already numerous international governmental financial institutions, like obviously the Bank for International Settlements, IMF and the World Bank, so you just roll the new global digital currency into one of them or a similar body.

The origins of the collapse of currencies are not hard to predict. Somebody somewhere in the international financial markets will just say, actually we don’t think Ireland or Italy or whoever will ever be able to pay back this or that bond debt they are currently hawking around the markets, because their debt is maybe borderline 200% of their GDP and their economies have been destroyed by their government’s overreaction to Covid. Hence if they cannot roll over the debts, their currencies will collapse, so then this new digital currency will be seen as the grown ups on the international stage creating a solid international solution to this chaos caused by out of control capitalist bankers and democratic politicians blah blah blah. Everybody will love the idea because the ATMs will now continue to work etc.

I think internally in states there will be a similar collapse which will take the form of bank ‘bail ins’ and a calling in of all debts. The idea behind a ‘bail in’ is that the bank will have to meet its obligations from whatever assets are in the bank, i.e. a cut from the deposits in the bank, rather than a handout from the state. Also they will attempt to retrieve all assets linked to outstanding loans, this could include houses, farms, cars etc. Then maybe the state will step in with some overall solution, which will cause many people to lose access to a lot of their private property.

Meanwhile in China its already the case that

“...the digital renmimbi – which is being tested in large cities and may be formally launched next year – will allow authorities to monitor in real time every transaction by every person in the country.”2

Fake alien invasion, or at least claiming the existence of life on other planets

This might seem the most unusual in this list, but again its actually long predicted, and, on the part of some, clearly long prepared for. I am referring to the famous ‘alien invasion’ scenario.

Remember, the whole point is the bringing in of a world government, so hence anything that brings world peoples and nations together is good as far as the globalists are concerned. They hope nations will come together to face the perceived common threat, in the same way that, for example, the ancient Greek States came together only when faced by the outside threat of Persia.

Possibly it will be just a subtle gentle acknowledgement of their existence. So say SETI will just say that they received some signal, they are not sure about it, could be just an anomaly but they are working on it. Separately some institution in some other country will say that they are now sure that water and other factors necessary for life definitely do exist on Mars and they are now satisfied that, on the basis of probability if nothing else, we should work on the assumption that some kind of life does exist there. A few incidents like this building up over months or even years until everybody basically agrees that they do exist.

But that acknowledgement itself could have consequences. Who is going to deal with them on behalf of earth, are you going to leave it to the director of some NASA type institution in the US or do you not think we need a global response? Maybe the Secretary General of the UN should prepare some speech on this etc, and you can see then how this issue rolls into a kind of recognition of our common humanity on this globe and how it forms an intellectual and even emotional case for a world government? And also of course they will use it to explain away religion, saying that is just aliens interacting with us, an important element for these global planners.

Who is going to question the narrative here? ‘Investigative Journalists’ will not be in a position to go to Mars to check things out on the ground! They will just be going by government handouts and self serving state leaks, the same as everybody else. Some have noticed this increasingly likely scenario, like Archbishop Vigano:

“And if these tried and tested methods [war in the middle east] don’t succeed, we could invent – why not? – an alien attack, about which some of our friends are beginning to open the famous Overton Window: what better than extra-terrestrials can be considered an “invisible enemy” to feed collective fear.”3


The people behind all this, the globalists, have been thinking about how to create their horrific New World Order for ages and have thought through some of their potential problems. In particular these people are only a small minority of the population, so how could they successfully keep in slavery the rest of us, a small minority dominating a large population? You could speculate with about three answers to that question:

a) Maybe they hope to even out the odds a little by culling some of the population somehow? Don’t look at me, I don’t really know how, or if they genuinely intend doing this, but there is a lot of talk of it, e.g. Georgia Guidestones.

b) They control people by changing their value systems.4 Meaning that they eliminate religion and other sources of peoples sense of right and wrong, and supplant it with an ideology that says the law, and state regulations, should be your only yardstick of right and wrong, which in turn makes it easy for them to control us because obviously they mostly control legislatures, or at least what is passed there, all over the world.

c) But also what they intended to do was to develop technology to the extent that they could control people through their computer systems and Artificial Intelligence, using these systems they figured that a small minority could successfully control a larger population. Its obvious that the whole technological surveillance type state has got a huge boost with the pandemic: zoom meetings and working from home has greatly helped them in spying on people, as has increased use of credit cards and online activities in general. Be under no illusion, the state, which is generally controlled by these groups, even in Ireland are on top of this data, for example here is a discussion about state tax powers from September 2021:


The info that revenue in particular glean from card terminals and reconciliation to individual cards is utterly amazing. Not just on the individual businesses but on individual spending patterns and using that to highlight disparity in income v spending.

Some of the analysis work and tools available to our Revenue service are very cutting edge and honestly would but one in mind that we are approaching a point when Tax Evasion with onshore personal funds is becoming nigh on impossible without detection.

The gap between detection and overt enforcement is huge, but the number of settlements in personal tax is an indicator of how effective they are becoming.”


I do not think revenue can access any info from bank unless there is an investigation into someone for wrongdoing or an audit...


You are incorrect. Revenue have access to the reconciliations of all card machines and financial transactions via card.

Revenue can also access individual held by Financial Institutions without warrant via Powers granted under TCA 1997, with additional powers for criminal investigation.

Revenue aim to use info to ensure compliance esp during audit rather than prosecute.

The level of high level info and how it’s held is best compared to mobile phone and cell site meta data. It’s all there held without any assigned personal ID, until such time as a Revenue Commissioner decides to take an interest. At that point huge volumes of data and financial info are available without warrant or criminal investigation.

Revenue’s ability to reconcile the terminal data to individual spending, isn’t a guess or a musing on my part it’s from experience in a professional capacity.

The sheer volume of data processed and data available to revenue investigations unit via these methods is incredible, and they are constantly working on improving the analytical and heuristic model they use.

It’s very impressive tbh.”5

Anyway you can see yourself how much of a technological prison type system is growing up around the average citizen, but there are also two specific technologies that are disputed but are definitely happening in the first case below and probably will come in sometime soon in the second case:

weather modification/chemtrails

For background on the very extensive history of ‘cloud-seeding’ and weather modification in the US see the letter of the 31st of May 1972 to Senator Schweiker printed in The National Science Policy and Organization Act of 1975: Hearings Before the Committee on Science and Technology, US House of Representatives. From that first page you have statements like:

“Several Federal agencies support weather modification programs which involve cloud-seeding activities. Major research programs include precipitation modification, fog and cloud modification, hail suppression, and lightning and hurricane modification.”6

Meanwhile in the UK they have been successfully modifying the weather since the 1940s,7 and in the US its no longer really a secret.8

The point is that there is a very long term widespread practice of cloud seeding, which means spreading chemicals/metals into the air to manipulate clouds etc. That being the case, why should we be so sceptical when people report seeing these strange patterns where planes are clearly spreading some chemicals into the air? Why be that sceptical, why not trust your own eyes and those of ordinary people all over the world?

biological/digital interface or ID

There is some evidence that this might already be in place via the vaccines. Firstly you have a Canadian person who is constantly triggering bluetooth devices as he walks along.9 Secondly Dr Luis Miguel de Benito who works in the ‘Centro Digestivo Médico Quirúrgica’, a hospital in Madrid, and at his own clinic in Segovia, conducted a detailed study of this phenomenon of bluetooth signals seemingly coming from the vaccinated in the summer of 2021 and concludes that this is true.10 He saw 137 patients over a number of months last summer, and after asking them to turn off all electronic devices including phones, he found strange bluetooth signals from 86% of the vaxed patients and none from the unvaxed. It is usually said that these signals are generated from graphene oxide mysteriously added to the vaccines, as self assembling nano particles which can generate these signals.

Personally I remain to be completely convinced on this, because I think people could be getting confused with the very large increase in Bluetooth Low Energy signals from nearly all electronic devices which has come about with the pandemic.11 But that said, I think its inevitable that somehow or other the powers that be are going to combine your digital and biological IDs through some implanted homing device, there is just too much evidence out there that they are determined to push such technology, if not by the current vaccine then by some later scare.12

Many facets of a world government already here

I guess there are many people who look upon this theory that there is a group out there attempting to form a world government, as itself a giant, and stupid, ‘conspiracy theory’. But if you break that down a bit maybe everybody can see some point in this theory:

a) Obviously throughout world history there have always been people and groups who are attracted to power and want more of it. Say the Communist conspiracy and the Jacobin conspiracy, the latter fomenting revolutions all around the world in the roughly 1780s to 1820s with a special focus in 1848, to name just two. So it should not be seen as so wonderful and exotic a concept, that there could be such people around today.

Not everybody, in any government at any time, is motivated to ‘care’ for you or ‘do the right thing’. Many many governments and political entities over the centuries have been plain evil and want to, via their laws and other actions, control, manipulate and oppress you. Yet in the modern age so many people don’t seem to get that, they are stuck on permanent naivety when they consider the actions of their governments.

b) The second obvious point is that the mechanics of a world government are largely in place, or clearly are in the works. So you have:

– in the financial sphere, as pointed out, you already have many world wide governmental economic institutions, a world digital currency that can track all purchases is really only a final brick in an already created wall;

– in the realm of law we hear an awful lot about ‘international law’ and in some places supranational law like EU directives, and how can it be that you have world law unless at some point somebody somewhere is aiming for a world government?;

– international western intelligence agencies are clearly now a worldwide phenomenon not just a national one, as witnessed by the global way they harvest information, revealed by Assange and Snowden et al, so the emerging KGB for a world government?;

– look at the way environmental issues are creating a global agenda with world wide carbon quotas etc;

– and finally can we not say that a worldwide department of health has been created in 2020/2021 considering the lockstep way that virtually all global governments agreed with the – disastrous – health agenda in combating Covid?

You cannot say that this is some kind of organic, uncoordinated or accidental growth in global institutions. Note for example how when President Lukashenko pulled away from the ruinous global Coronavirus response, he pointed out that the World Bank and IMF effectively tried to bribe Belarus to get back on course, and then notice how the worldwide media – which work closely with international intelligence agencies – alighted on him as the latest world hate figure.

So yes, maybe you never thought if it that way, that all this is leading to a world government, but if you consider the matter maybe you might agree it is trending in that direction, and, I would suggest, not accidentally.


Unfortunately I cannot claim any great fame as a prophet and so these are just a few thoughts that please God will not happen, but I fear will. I think the currency collapse and personal banking disasters are totally inevitable, but I have no idea of when it will actually happen, and the same for the alien scenario. The latter is also inevitable, but I assume towards the end of these events. I would be amazed, but delighted, if we are going to get through these events without any nuclear devices exploding. And I think the ever increasing emphasis on security on the internet is trending towards requiring some kind of pass, but again who knows when they will pull that trigger.

And finally and most importantly, happy, belated, New Year!


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